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January 6, 2016

Where will you be when the smart home market takes off?

Smart homes are so much more than just cool gadgetry. They’re the new point of connection for consumers when it comes to combining energy...

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December 2, 2015

Are smart home enthusiasts into energy efficiency?

This year’s 2015 Energy Pulse study confirms several suspicions and busts a theory or two. We learned that 27% of Americans could be...

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September 24, 2015

Smart home technology: friend or foe?

I’ve been doing a little premature pontificating that smart home technologies could be a threat to building product manufacturers. Based...

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February 18, 2015

Comfort is in the eye of the beholder

At Shelton Group, we believe that “comfort is king.” We think it’s important for energy-efficient home, product and program marketers...

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December 3, 2014

$7 billion later …

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab published a study in January of last year which quantified that, as of 2011, utilities were spending a...

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November 19, 2014

Our most important Energy Pulse ever

I can’t honestly remember if this is our 9th or 10th annual Energy Pulse study. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it will...