Purpose for Progress

Shelton Group is a team of communicators with a heart for our world and a head for business. We've been speaking the language of energy and sustainability marketing for more than 20 years.


Whether you're a Fortune 100 or a 501c3, we know you need to hit business goals. Our purpose is to turn the good you do for people and the planet into market success for your organization. Let's collaborate.


We make the complex simple and package it in ways that are engaging and relatable.

We Are Shelton


For a world where sustainability is ordinary and every home and building is responsible with energy, water and waste.


Earth's problems can't be solved in siloes. We have connections, and we're delighted to share them. Need inspiration? Need a partner? See our offerings.


Shelton Group started in 1991 as a one-woman generalist copywriting operation.

Business took off, and by the late '90s, Shelton Group had clients in health care, higher education, and, most importantly, energy.

Our research opened the door to bigger and bigger clients, and our creativity kept them coming back for more. But we were just one of many experts in all of our categories, except for one - energy and environmental causes.

We filled that void in the industry by becoming the only agency we knew of to specialize in energy efficiency and sustainability back in 2005. Today we've got 15 years of trended market insights and sustainability communications experience under our collective belt, and we leverage it to ensure our client's actions and stories position them ahead of the pack.


Left brain + right brain + heart

We're a unique blend of storytellers, strategists, digital pros and researchers with deep experience in the energy and environment
space. (We're also football champs, hot tea junkies and Vimeo Staff Pick regulars.) Whatever we do, we do it with heart. And that
makes all the difference.

Derek Pletch

Creative Content Director

Malorie Garrett

Account Executive

Nicole Reed

Sustainability Copywriter

Agustina Fox-Collis

Account Director

Erin Fischer

Account Director

Riley Phillips

Account Supervisor

Elisa Razak

Graphic Designer

Laura Bridges

Sr. Insights Strategist

Daniel Ford

Associate Director of Strategic Insights

Leah Shearer

Senior Account Director

Anthony Thome

Data Scientist

Holly Prievo

Sustainability Copywriter

Jesse Wagner

Associate Creative Director

Shields Thompson

Account Supervisor

Amber Salim

Project Coordinator

Jen Staudinger

ESG Content Director

Sejal Krell

Market Research Analyst

Rhonda Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Ida Nayeri

Digital Marketing Manager

George Brigandi

Client Consultant

Ginger Russell

Project Director

Chloe LaPointe

Web Developer

Office Pups

Jenn Johnson

Executive Assistant

Virginia Eberting

Director of Insights

Alex Wade


JJ Tracy

Senior Graphic Designer

Sarah Beth Parker

Account Supervisor

Meghan McDonald

Senior Copywriter

Jeremy Parker

Senior Art Director

Becky Lohr

Director of Proprietary Research

Gwen Meadows

Senior Accountant

Kellie May

Sr. Account Executive

JD Sizemore

Senior Account Director

Rachael Geary

Market Research Analyst

Jocelyn Eide

Associate Creative Director

Suzanne Shelton

President & CEO

Susannah Enkema

VP Research & Insights

Casey Ward

VP Account Management

Kris Hesson

VP Market Engagement

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Suzanne Shelton
Suzanne Shelton

President & CEO

Suzanne Shelton is the CEO of Shelton Group, an ERM Group Company, the nation’s leading marketing communications agency entirely focused exclusively in the ESG space. She regularly counsels C-level executives at Fortune 1000 organizations on how to best define and leverage their sustainability approaches to drive business results. She currently serves on the board of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the executive advisory board of Cyclyx, and recently served on the board of the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA). Ms. Shelton offers insights and inspiration on conference stages around the country, guest writes for the likes of Fast Company, Green Builder and GreenBiz, and directly manages a team of leaders who, collectively, have made Shelton Group a 30-year success story.

Susannah Enkema
Susannah Enkema

VP Research & Insights

Susannah directs our research team and plays a key role in extracting the nuggets of information that pave the way for recommended marketing strategies and creative approaches. Susannah has nearly two decades of market research and strategy experience, including her role as president of SE Consulting, where she led the services for the likes of DIY Network and the makers of GORE-TEX®.

Casey Ward
Casey Ward

VP Account Management

Casey manages our relationships, growth and development with a specific group of clients that includes Environmental Defense Fund, Cotton LEADS and CertainTeed Insulation. She provides leadership and support for the account team members who manage the day-to-day processes for these clients. She contributes to strategic direction for each client and guides our creative efforts to ensure everything we do builds toward meeting – or exceeding – the client’s goals. Her ability to simultaneously see the big picture and pay close attention to the details helps her champion her clients’ needs and identify new growth opportunities for them.

Kris Hesson
Kris Hesson

VP Market Engagement

Kristopher’s passion for doing good — in the world and for our clients — is a driving force at our agency. He works alongside his department and account managers to orchestrate creative strategy, implementation and refinement. He is responsible for ensuring that our work is truly effective in the marketplace. He keeps his eyes on our clients’ goals at all times to make sure our work generates positive business outcomes for them. Kristopher came to Shelton Group in 2019 as our digital services director. In that position, he grew our digital capacity to offer our clients a holistic suite of services. Before joining Shelton, he served as Senior Marketing Automation Strategist at award-winning digital agency Pyxl. From international tech companies to some of the world’s largest security companies, he’s helped brands leverage technology to drive amazing business results.

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