You’re curious, courageous and authentic. So are we.

What else do we have in common?

You’re creative, strategic and results-driven. You’re a great communicator and a great collaborator. You do the right thing. Those are our values, too. Bottom line:

We’re dedicated to making a difference for our clients and the world at large – and having fun while we do it.

Shelton Group is the nation’s leading marketing communications agency exclusively focused in the energy and environment sectors. We’re the experts, and that’s reflected in our impressive and growing roster of clients.

We’ve built a highly creative team here in Knoxville, one that loves to work hard and laugh hard. And we sleep well at night knowing that we do good work: good for our clients, and good for the rest of us, too.

If you’re a dedicated professional who wants to advance your career in this rapidly growing and increasingly relevant sector – and you want to have fun while you’re doing it – Shelton Group just might be the place for you.

Available positions:

VP Account Management

Lead Account Management. Help the planet. All in a day’s work.

At Shelton Group, we imagine a world where every home and building is energy responsible and sustainability is ordinary. To turn that vision into reality, we work as the marketing “pit crew” for the organizations that are creating that responsible, sustainable future we imagine. That means we craft emotionally powerful sustainability storytelling platforms, engage people in meaningful behavior change, and market products and services on behalf of our clients that reduce waste, energy and water consumption. We work with clients all over North America from our offices in Knoxville, TN.

We’re growing and expanding, and we’re looking for a strong client team leader to help us take our relationships with clients even deeper, and create more opportunities for us to do what we do best. Specifically, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is naturally “for” clients – their biggest fan.
  • But also firm – not willing to be run over.
  • Is a sharp self-starter and comfortable working with a healthy level of ambiguity.
  • Is capable of bringing order to what some people may view as chaos.
  • Is a solutions-driven individual capable of seeing the big picture without losing sight of details.
  • Has a 10+ year track-record of working with clients in an agency setting, generating measurable results for the clients and the agency, and building the careers of direct reports.
  • Has proven experience in motivating, empowering and coaching a team to do its best work.
  • Has excellent verbal and written communications skills, a lot of good old-fashioned common sense, a good head for business and at least a four-year degree, preferably in marketing, communications or business. An MBA is preferable.
  • Has a clear understanding of today’s marketing and communications business and a keen sense of entrepreneurship.
  • Experience with B2B marketing, building products, energy efficiency and/or environmental sustainability is a plus.

If this sounds like you, please send your resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and fit for the job to Glen Vesser at

Senior Account Manager

Help us see the forest and the trees. And help them grow in a cleaner world.

The senior account director must be equally adept at seeing the big picture and understanding the details as he or she leads strategic marketing communications efforts and oversees execution. The goal: to ensure high-quality work that exceeds client expectations, generates results and opens up new opportunities for our agency. Specifically, we’re looking for someone who …

  • Has the ability and confidence to make smart decisions in real time, when managing multiple accounts at once
  • Has a clear understanding of today’s marketing and communications business and a keen sense of entrepreneurship
  • Can instill confidence in our clients via expertise and positive interactions, and can both grow and maintain healthy relationships with them
  • Demonstrates the ability to help develop and own each client’s marketing strategy, defining what success looks like – and effectively steering projects toward that goal
  • Has proven experience directing and mentoring a team of account/project managers
  • Demonstrates proficient knowledge and management of financial projections
  • Has excellent verbal and written communications skills, a lot of good old-fashioned common sense, a good head for business and at least a four-year degree in marketing or business
  • Believes in the importance of deadlines
  • Can proactively identify needs and propose new projects for each client, and expand relationships within clients’ organizations, and so organically grow our business

Experience with B2B marketing, building products, energy efficiency and/or environmental sustainability is a plus.

Does this describe you? Yes? Then send your resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and how you fit the job to Glen Vesser at

Senior Marketing Research Analyst/Contractor

Can you find the stories hiding in the data?

We’re looking for someone who can design, manage and analyze primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative research projects. That requires skill with numbers, of course, and also critical thinking. The end goal for someone in this position is to go beyond simple percentages and significant differences to pull out the story of what the data “means” and make recommendations on what the client should do based on the results.

Specifically, we’re looking for someone who …

  • Collaborates well with the client and internal team members in research, strategy and account service to brainstorm and recommend the best methods for meeting research needs
  • Has international research experience
  • Has the knowledge and experience to design and analyze primary quantitative and qualitative research studies and conduct secondary analysis of existing literature, case studies, market trends and social media content
  • Is skilled in quantitative analysis and has the experience required to:
    • Recommend sampling methodology
    • Design methodologically sound survey instruments
    • Support online survey programming
    • Oversee, validate and (perhaps in a pinch) directly produce cross-tabulations for quantitative studies … and then use them well, correctly interpreting significance and utilizing indexing
    • Evaluate and recommend appropriate statistical methods, being familiar with Chi Square, Pearson’s correlation, T-tests, Z-tests, ANOVA, factor, regression and cluster analysis, along with conjoint/discrete choice methods such as logit and Hierarchical Bayes (direct experience with Sawtooth’s CBC and HB conjoint analysis software would be ideal)
    • Analyze and summarize customer data – exploring geographic, demographic, firmographic and product/service usage patterns (experience utilizing Tableau would be ideal)
  • Is skilled at designing one-on-one interview, focus group and ethnography guides as well as analyzing, summarizing and interpreting qualitative results.
  • Is skilled at creating segments, targeting profiles and personas based on both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Can frame results in a way that makes them actionable – useful for product development, marketing communications and creative campaign development
  • Is a perfectionist – someone who craves accuracy and is highly attentive to details
  • Creates synthesized, visually compelling PowerPoint presentations (incorporating clear tables, graphs and infographics)
  • Presents research effectively to audiences in person and via WebEx
  • Has 10+ years of experience in market research design and analysis, plus a Master’s degree or higher

Relocation is negotiable, and we’re open to a contractual relationship. Please send your resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and fit for the job to Glen Vesser at

Market Research Project Manager

You’re cool, calm and collected. And it rubs off on everybody around.

We’re looking for a project manager who will see our market research work through from beginning to end, ensuring it flows gracefully through all steps of our process, and arrives on time and on budget to satisfied clients. This role involves contributing to research project plans and then interfacing with the research and account management teams to manage implementation of those plans.

The right person for this job is someone with exceptional communication and organizational skills. Impeccable attention to detail accompanied by a pleasant and optimistic personality. The ability to juggle multiple priorities and maintain a cool head under pressure. Responsiveness. Thoughtfulness. Poise.

Specific responsibilities will include …

  • Managing research projects for various clients.
  • Regularly responding to/initiating client communications, including calls and emails.
  • Accurately capturing, documenting and relaying client feedback and direction to internal and external audiences.
  • Creating and maintaining a weekly status report on large, multi-phase research scopes and participating in weekly client status calls.
  • Reviewing and proofing research documents (i.e., recruitment screeners, survey instruments, discussion guides, presentation decks, etc.), providing feedback to research team and ensuring materials are prepared, reviewed and finalized in accordance with client objectives and timing needs.
  • Assisting in reviewing and approving client invoices, proposals and research plans.
  • Coordinating project timing and budgets with all relevant agency personnel.
  • Actively learning about each client’s business and Shelton Group’s specialty focus on energy and the environment.

Job Experience:

  • 2+ years of account management or project management experience in a market research environment
  • Basic working knowledge of marketing research fundamentals
  • Proficiency in project management and keeping a team moving in a unified, productive direction to deliver on client research objectives.

If this describes you, we’d love to hear from you. Email your resume and cover letter to Glen Vesser at


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Suzanne Shelton

President and CEO

Suzanne is the voice and the vision of Shelton Group. Drawing on her extensive experience in energy and the environment – and 25+ years in the marketing and advertising industry – Suzanne provides high-level strategic insights for our clients and guidance for our research and creative departments. She regularly speaks at conferences around the country, including Sustainable Brands, Fortune Brainstorm E and the International Builders’ Show, and serves as a guest columnist for publications like Fast Company, Green Builder and

Susannah Enkema

VP Research & Insight

Susannah directs our research team and plays a key role in extracting the nuggets of information that pave the way for recommended marketing strategies and creative approaches. Susannah has nearly two decades of market research and strategy experience, including her role as president of SE Consulting, where she led the services for the likes of DIY Network and the makers of GORE-TEX®.

Penny Kemp

VP Account Management & Strategy

Penny leads our client engagement process, overseeing activities from both a strategic and a tactical level to ensure our work generates desired results. She works closely with Suzanne, President & CEO, to develop strategic marketing plans and with Matt, VP Creative, to foster creative campaign ideas. Before joining Shelton Group, Penny had developed expertise in brand management and marketing while working with award-winning agencies and shepherding programs for the likes of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Russell Athletic and James Hardie Building Products.

Matt Brass

VP Creative

Matt steers the creative department in concepting, designing and producing campaigns. He ensures sound strategy and deep insights inform everything his team develops, and works closely with the accounts department to ensure copy and designs will meet our clients’ goals. As a designer and filmmaker himself, he’s also a principal contributor to all of Shelton’s in-house photography and videography work.

Glen L. Vesser III

VP Finance and Administration

Glen manages Shelton Group’s finances and administration, ensuring our internal systems run smoothly so we can provide exceptional client service in a seamless and timely manner. Glen’s financial and administrative expertise has been shaped by decades of experience in a variety of industries, including public accounting, media distribution and health care.

Mike Beamer

VP Business Development

Mike joined our team to help provide strategic vision and foster our agency’s growth by overseeing new business leads and managing agency marketing and website content. He arrived in Knoxville steeped in energy efficiency and renewables – he previously led client service for an agency division in Boston dedicated to marketing communications strategy and branding for B2B and B2C clients in that space.