Growing numbers of utility customers want texts, apps, Facebook and Twitter updates

Growing numbers of utility customers want texts, apps, Facebook and Twitter updates

Our Utility Pulse™ ’13 study shows a broad variety of ways that Americans want their utility companies to communicate with them.

When asked how they currently get utility information, respondents said:

  • Bill stuffers (60 percent)
  • The utility website (38 percent)
  • Emails (29.4 percent)
  • Phone messages (9 percent)
  • In-home energy display/advanced thermostat (5.5 percent)
  • Text messages (4.5 percent)

When asked how they would like to get information:

  • 48.5 percent of customers would stick with the bill stuffers
  • 38 percent would visit the website
  • 51.7 percent would prefer email
  • 12.3 percent want phone messages
  • 10 percent want an in-home energy display/advanced thermostat
  • 10.5 percent want text messages
  • 8.3 percent want mobile apps
  • 7.1 percent want updates on Facebook
  • 3.7 percent want Twitter updates

For the best results, combine new methods with the old.

Informed customers are happier customers. Plainly, growing numbers of customers want their information from advanced thermostats, texts, apps, Facebook and Twitter, but multiple communication vehicles will continue to be the best way to ensure that customers receive important messages.

Texts are increasingly the best way to get the word out.

Because Working Class Realists and Concerned Parents have enthusiastically adopted smartphones, one of the best ways to deliver information to them is by text message.

As smartphone use becomes more prevalent, texts will become a more important method for utility companies to communicate with True Believers and Cautious Conservatives, too.



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July 29, 2013

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