A win for consumers. And three wins for Target

A win for consumers. And three wins for Target

Earlier this week Target® launched permanent community recycling stations in all 1,740 stores to kick-off a month-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Located at the front of each store, the recycling stations offer guests a convenient way to recycle aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, plastic bags, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges. A full description of recyclables that are accepted is available at Target.com/eco-friendly.

This is a huge win-win for consumers and for Target. We know from our research that recycling is the most common green consumer activity. But many Americans can’t always recycle everything at their curb. For instance, I can’t recycle glass through my curbside recycling program, so I make a special trip. Now the only special trip I have to make is to Target.And while I’m there, I just might pop in and buy a few things.  That’s win number one for Target.

Our 2010 Eco Pulse study, launching tomorrow, shows that 64% of consumers are looking for green products in categories like cleaning products, laundry detergent, paper products, food and beverages, and personal care – all products that are sold at Target.

Further, most Americans aren’t environmentalists trying to save the planet, they’re more concerned with comfort, convenience and taking care of their families. We’re all looking for energy-efficient products that lower our utility bills, or natural cleaning products that won’t harm our children – which you can find at Target. That’s win number two.

Win number three?  Eco Pulse 2010 shows that most Americans think a company is green if it recycles. So Target’s green image will likely rise as well.

So, all in all, a big win for consumers — and an even bigger week for the guys with the red bulls eye.

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