True confession: I have an eco dog

True confession: I have an eco dog

And I’m not the only one. People and pets like Frankie and I represent a fast-growing market opportunity.

If you’ve talked to me for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard about Frankie, my feisty, 1-year-old terrier mutt. (She’s named for Frankies Spuntino, my favorite New York restaurants, which are located on Hudson Street in Manhattan and Court Street in Brooklyn, and which are known for serving fresh, healthy, local, humanely raised fare.)

I grew up having lots of pets, but she is the first dog that’s been just mine – my sole responsibility to feed, train and care for.

In my own quest to become more eco-friendly through my purchases and lifestyle, I decided Frankie should come along for the ride and be an eco dog.

I didn’t coin this term; Corbett Marshall and Jim Deskevich wrote a book titled Eco Dog in 2008. When I came across it in a used bookstore recently, I decided I would apply its principles to Frankie’s life.

Now, I use only organic dog shampoo, I pay close attention to the ingredients in her food, and I even buy her biodegradable waste bags. I am planning to make homemade treats, too!

OK, I know – I sound like one of those people who buy clothes for their dogs (I have only done that once) or ride them around in strollers (I may or may not have considered it), but our research shows that I am not alone.

Our most recent Eco Pulse study shows that in the last year, the percentage of those searching for greener pet products has increased from 23 percent to 30 percent. And according to Datamonitor, 69 of the 145 new dog and cat foods introduced last year in North America had some sort of environmentally friendly claim (natural, organic, no additives, etc.).

On top of that, the American Pet Products Association has predicted that pet owners will spend more than $55 billion on their pets in 2013 – an increase from $53 billion in 2012 and $50 billion in 2011.

Clearly, this is a growing market, so pet products manufacturers have a real opportunity to not only do what’s right for the environment, but also to make products that meet an emerging market’s demands.

If you manufacture pet products in an eco-friendly manner, we would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, Frankie and I are heading out for a walk (stroller not included).


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September 5, 2013

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