Getting and keeping A-list employees: A bonus benefit of sustainability efforts

Getting and keeping A-list employees: A bonus benefit of sustainability efforts

As corporations embrace sustainability programs, they are reaping benefits they expected – like reduced energy and water costs – along with other bonus benefits that are proving to be just as helpful to the bottom line.

According to MonsterTRAK, 92 percent of students and entry-level workers want to work for an environmentally friendly company.

SHRM’s Green Workplace survey found that 66 percent of employees at companies engaged in environmentally sustainable practices are likely to remain with those firms because of the perceived importance of such programs.

On top of that, a UCLA study found that the employees at businesses following international environmental standards are 16% more productive than those at less sustainable companies.

Thus, sustainability contributes to employee recruitment, retention and productivity.  But it’s particularly important for recruiting younger employees.

When it comes to Millennials, corporate responsibility is a crucial recruiting tool. Millennials don’t see sustainability as an optional add-on; they expect and demand it.

In the 2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, 61 percent of Millennials said they would prefer to work for a company that offers volunteer opportunities.

Companies who invest in sustainability will reap the benefit of attracting the best and brightest – those who are seeking meaning, and want to work for a company they would buy from and that connects to their internal values.



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September 6, 2013

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