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Lee Ann Head

Lee Ann started Shelton Group's research department 12 years ago and now oversees all custom and proprietary research. She directs a staff that designs quantitative and qualitative studies, and she oversees secondary analyses, digging deep to find the nuggets of information that pave the way for successful insights, strategies and creative. She regularly presents findings to clients and industry groups around the country, as well as in her posts on the Shelton Insights blog.

Recent Posts by Lee Ann Head

Directly Addressing the Weakest Link

I had been riding for almost an hour on an ancient school bus, bouncing down dusty, rutted roads that wound their way inland through the sugarcane fields, when we finally arrived at Batey 106. Barefoot children ran out to greet us, yelling “Americanos!” and adults stared from the doorways of precariously leaning wooden shacks. I’d Read More

Eco Pulse 2014: The Curse of the Improving Economy

Last year, an improving economy seemed to be stimulating environmental engagement and green product purchase intent, and all signs pointed to an increase in market adoption and significant sales growth for green products. But that promise has not been fulfilled. This year’s annual Eco Pulse study (our seventh) of U.S. consumer green affinity is full Read More

Collaborative, Normative, Better: Thoughts from Sustainable Brands 2014

I recently spoke in the Consumer Research and Insights Workshop at the Sustainable Brands conference and attended several other sessions on a wide variety of topics. The event was stimulating, as always, and I thought that I would share a few of the best insights I heard during the week. The Collaborative Economy We’ve been Read More

The game has changed for solar energy

I’m just going to come right out and say it. We think that the U.S. government and many U.S. utilities are out of synch with reality when it comes to expectations for renewable generation – particularly regarding the potential for solar distributed generation. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates a solar photovoltaic generation growth rate Read More

The politics of Earth Day

Each April, I look forward to the product launches, promotional campaigns and environmental press coverage sparked by Earth Day. While we at Shelton Group have historically bemoaned the flash-in-the-pan nature of the event and have even warned about the risk of being drowned out in the eco-advertising tsunami, most of us secretly love it. My Read More