What gets you on the Good list?

by Apr 20, 2021

Shelton Stat of the Week

42% of consumers want to be seen as someone who buys eco-friendly products — Good Company, December 2020-January 2021

What gets you on the Good list?

For the last several years we’ve watched Americans increasingly put their wallets where their values are. Despite a dip in this approach two months into the pandemic, as of January, a quarter of Americans could name a brand that they’ve purchased — or not purchased — because of the environmental record of the manufacturer, which is right where that number was pre-pandemic.

We’ve just released a report called Good Company that seeks to unpack exactly how Americans are deciding which companies and brands are “good” and which are “bad.” You can download the full report here and and watch the video above to get a narrated view of a few of the high-level insights and takeaways.

News of the Week

Every family-owned company and ESOP should consider ESG

The importance of being perceived as a good company – as reflected in the organization's environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities – is well-established among public corporations. But family-owned and employee-owned companies (through employee stock purchase or ESOP programs) need to consider them as well. Because managing a business to reflect [good behavior] can lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders, ESG considerations aren’t simply a matter of ethical behavior – they can have a distinct impact on revenues, ROI and the long-term sustainability of the business. Read more...


The rise of ESG and the importance of compliance
World Finance

The pressure from stakeholders, be they lawmakers or shareholders, regulators or activists, or indeed society at large, on companies of all sizes, and across all sectors, to recognize, adhere to, improve, measure and report performance against ESG metrics is increasingly urgent and compelling, according to World Finance. Furthermore, the importance of human rights due diligence cannot be overstated, in the context both of the company itself, but also up and down the supply and value chain. Read more...

Good Company

Americans are putting their wallets where their values are. They buy brands (or those brands’ competitors) based not just on corporate behavior, but on how that behavior is perceived.

So how do you protect your bottom line and safeguard your reputation, all while making the world a better place? Well, good works. That’s the simple truth, and as you’ll learn in this report, Shelton Group has the research to back it up.

You’ll also learn how your brand can apply our insights to share your good stories in ways that captivate the public’s passion – so you can gain a market advantage.

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