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Energy Pulse™ 2013


Product Description

Energy Efficiency Revamped: New Messages for a Resistant Audience

In our ninth annual Energy Pulse™ study of American consumers, we get to the heart of consumers’ attitudes and behaviors around energy efficiency.

This comprehensive study …

  • Profiles and segments U.S. households by demographics, energy conservation perceptions, motivations and behaviors
  • Determines purchase potential for a variety of energy-efficient home and automotive products
  • Reveals attitudes and purchase propensity for energy-efficient homes and home renovations
  • Measures willingness/interest in changing behaviors to conserve energy and water
  • Exposes barriers to conservation and energy-efficient purchases
  • Identifies drivers and the persuasive messages that resonate best with consumers
  • Tracks knowledge, interest and support for renewable energy alternatives

Get a glimpse.
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Revel in revelations.
The facts we uncover are essential for guiding your organization toward engaging consumers in energy efficiency awareness – and action. Just to scratch the surface, this year’s report brings to light …

  • What factors have lulled consumers into a false complacency about their home’s energy efficiency
  • How new messaging directions elicit stronger, more emotional responses than the old “save money” missives
  • Which channel “partners” are derailing consumers’ good decisions

Learn how to apply all the intel.
We don’t just leave you with a pile of facts. We help you take the study and apply it effectively. For example, you’ll learn:

  • The levers your company can use to increase engagement and encourage action
  • Which insider language shouldn’t be used in consumer messaging without explanation
  • How to effectively link energy efficiency to home value
  • Steps to prepare for the coming storm of higher prices, colder weather and deferred home energy efficiency improvements

Read it and reap.
Peruse a few pages of the report to see for yourself the benefits you’ll gain. Then purchase your complete copy.

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