The best stories tell themselves

Client: Sevier County Electric System

Sevier County Electric System, a public utility serving the gateway of the Great Smoky Mountains, wanted to bring its 75th anniversary celebrations to life with a centerpiece for events and communications. As we dug into SCES history, talking with its leaders and paging through old news clippings, we struck gold: SCES has such deep cultural ties with the greater Sevier County community, we couldn’t tell its story without telling the community’s story.

So we featured SCES customers, linemen and leadership as the stars of a 75th anniversary video and booklet. By weaving together their stories with the story of SCES, we showed all SCES stakeholders they had reason to wholeheartedly celebrate the 75th anniversary of this integral part of their community, one that has made life as they know it possible, and one that’s still being guided by the community’s needs.