Owning the sustainability narrative for the resilient flooring industry

Client: Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI)

Marketing campaign works to get in front of consumer misinformation; highlights sustainability, well-being, and performance benefits of resilient flooring.

RFCI is an industry trade association of leading resilient flooring manufacturers and material suppliers in North America. Resilient flooring covers a wide variety of hard surface flooring products from vinyl to linoleum to rubber and cork, but as an organization, RFCI pulls together to promote the numerous benefits of the resilient flooring category through a unified voice.

Shelton Group partnered with RFCI to distill the industry’s sustainability story into a compelling value proposition and raise awareness of the health and sustainability benefits of resilient flooring across multiple platforms.

Client Challenge

Resilient flooring and the RFCI member brands are and have been making great strides in sustainable product development and indoor air quality standards for years, but consumers were largely uninformed or misinformed about these benefits of resilient flooring. As resilient flooring began to grow in popularity, RFCI realized they needed to be telling its sustainability story or it could be defined inaccurately—and potentially negatively—by other outside actors.

RFCI needed to secure a position of favorability with flooring decision-makers and shore up sentiment on resilient flooring for a residential consumer audience through digital channels.

Shelton Solution

Shelton Group followed our long-standing Define-Leverage process and created a Communications Construct to categorize and organize RFCI’s most important messages and proof points and create the value proposition of Beautifully Responsible®.

To bring the construct to life, we developed a digital marketing campaign to raise awareness of resilient flooring as a sustainable flooring choice. Tactics included a consumer-facing website, social, display and pre-roll ads, engaging organic social media content, video content, thought leadership articles, and an influencer campaign.

Critical Elements

  • In-depth social and digital audit to identify consumer concerns
  • Communications Construct to define and consolidate the story
  • Beautifully Responsible® microsite dedicated to educating visitors on the sustainability benefits of resilient flooring
  • Robust targeted social and digital ad campaign to raise awareness

Communications Construct

From the start, Resilient Floor Covering Institute member brands work to conserve precious natural resources and reduce waste, while offering incredible nature-inspired design possibilities. Once our products are installed in homes and commercial spaces, they stand up to wear for ageswithout showing their ageto reduce the waste associated with replacing damaged or worn floors. Thanks to FloorScore® and the Assure Certified™ labels, you can be confident these floors promote your family’s/your clients’ well-being.

After all, what is more beautiful than our health? More beautiful than taking action to care for another human being, to protect the natural environment? This is the beauty that inspires us in designing and manufacturing resilient flooring products. These products are beautifully made, and beautifully responsible.

Mindful Manufacturing®

RFCI member brands are committed to sourcing, designing and manufacturing resilient flooring in ways that reflect sustainability leadership.

Living Well®

Well-being starts inside, with carefully curated products designed with health in mind. A healthy lifestyle is more important than ever, and resilient flooring delivers a cleaner, healthier interior environment.

Made for Life®

Resilient flooring provides families/clients security in knowing their investment is protected with the ultimate in durability and performancewhile reducing the amount of waste over the lifetime of their home/building thanks to its long life.

By the Numbers

In the first full year, Shelton Group’s campaign resulted in:

Over 16 Million Impressions

1.2 Million YouTube Views

Over 90,000 Website Visitors

The Payoff

RFCI is now the leading authority online for resilient flooring and controlling its own sustainability narrative in the marketplace. Designers, architects and homeowners are more aware of the numerous benefits resilient flooring has to offer regarding sustainability, health and safety. As RFCI and its members continue to innovate and grow the meaning of Beautifully Responsible®, we look forward to spreading their story even wider.