Being a power player means looking like one

Client: PowerSecure

The Project

PowerSecure International, Inc. is a leading provider of energy technologies and services to major retailers, utilities, healthcare facilities, ecommerce companies and other digital giants, the military and data centers. Its Distributed Infrastructure (formerly known as IDG) division produces, installs and provides monitoring of standby power generation, energy storage and microgrid solutions. Although their solutions are innovative and in many ways, unique, they needed to raise their profile within a marketplace occupied by larger, better-established players. For PowerSecure to compete, we saw that their brand, messaging and collateral needed a consistent look and feel – as sophisticated and sleek as the clients they sell to.

Client Objective

Grow from a $250M business to a $500M business.

Shelton Strategy

While PowerSecure had a vision for their business, it was up to us to incorporate that vision into their brand. We saw that the Distributed Infrastructure division’s brand identity was not well developed. Their sales materials were inconsistent and in some cases, redundant. We saw brochures and sell sheets that had not been not tailored to the company’s widely disparate markets and their execution reflected PowerSecure’s struggle to be technically accurate yet accessible.

We advised them that if they wanted to grow to a $500M company, they needed to look and sound like one.

Along with refining their brand identity, we needed to carefully craft their messaging, tailoring it for each audience. We would take care to incorporate just the right amount of engineering detail while keeping it comprehensible to the less technically minded among their prospective customers.

Critical Tactics

We began by refining the PowerSecure logo and creating a color palette, graphics standards and sub-brand marks that would apply to all their sales collateral, trade show, and video assets. We developed a brand platform and a messaging strategy that identified key messages and supporting points that would resonate within each of their target markets, then set about putting all these elements into practice. That meant we:

  • Created animated explainer videos for key product lines
  • Designed flexible templates for brochures, one-sheets, case studies and product specifications suitable for each product group and audience segment
  • Developed sell sheets, spec sheets, brochures and case studies
  • Executed extensive location photo and video shoots
  • Designed and developed messaging for trade show booths
  • Created print ads for various trade publications

The Payoff

We built the sophistication and marketplace awareness of the PowerSecure brand, which helped them meet their goal: in 2017, the company was acquired by Southern Company for just under $500M.

“We’ve always provided innovative turnkey solutions for our customers. Thanks to Shelton Group, the quality of our marketing execution mirrors the quality of our products and services.”

- Derek Tugwell
President Distributed Generation
PowerSecure Inc.