Authenticity builds confidence

Client: NutrientStar

NutrientStar is a new, science-based review program for tools designed to help farmers use fertilizer more efficiently and effectively. When a tool passes muster with NutrientStar’s independent review panel, it can benefit everyone in the grain supply chain: agribusinesses that make the tools, food companies, farmers and even their crop advisors. We joined up with the NutrientStar team to help them find their voice and jumpstart participation.

Client Challenge

Develop a core message, brought to life on a new website, that appeals to audiences across the supply chain … and then overcome the biggest barrier to NutrientStar’s success: the skepticism of their most important audience, agribusiness.

Shelton Strategy

We developed messaging centered on the idea of delivering confidence – confidence for farmers that a nutrient management tool really will work for them, for food companies that their grain supply chain can actually make progress on their sustainability goals … and for agribusinesses that all of this can give their tools an edge in the market.

But agribusinesses are hesitant to share company data with this unknown entity in order to undergo review. They first need confidence that NutrientStar’s mission really is to make products as effective as possible for farmers – not to slam tools that don’t meet its standards.

Our solution? Let agribusinesses hear straight from their own end users. By connecting them directly with farmers – and the expectations that drive purchase decisions – agribusiness can’t ignore the message. And NutrientStar proves both its purpose and its value.

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