Either/or thinking isn’t good for anyone

Client: EDF+Business

EDF+Business is tackling serious environmental challenges by partnering with powerful businesses to clean up corporate supply chains. But before they can even get in the door at those companies, they face lingering misconceptions:

  • Business and the environment don’t share enough common ground
  • A for-profit and an environmental NGO definitely don’t share enough common ground

We needed to reposition EDF+Business from the ground up – and get the message out to targeted corporate audiences – so they could continue living out their goal of catalyzing real, tangible change.

Client Challenge

Overcome misconceptions and position EDF+Business as companies’ go-to for sustainability support and resources.

Critical Tactics

  • Messaging strategy + value proposition
  • Pre-roll videos
  • Banner ads

Shelton Strategy

First, we collaborated with EDF on a message house, distilling down what’s so special about EDF’s approach: they’re pragmatic, relentless and transformative. That led to the creation of a new communications strategy and a tight packaging of their value proposition: “We get business. We get environment. We get results.”

That value proposition served as the jumping-off point for our brand campaign: It isn’t either/or. It’s EDF+Business. We crafted each ad around an unexpected connection between nature and business to snag business leaders’ attention, shake up their misconceptions, and get them thinking about EDF+Business in a whole new light.