Getting Your Company to the Front of the Pack

A Shelton–Navigant co-authored report

Sustainability is a team sport – with levels to clear.


You already know it’s critical to have a stand on sustainability – consumers, shareholders and, in some cases, regulators are demanding it. But crafting the right stand, and all the goals, targets and metrics that support it is easier said than done. Gaining internal buy-in? Also easier said than done. So what should your game plan be?

We conducted in-depth interviews with eleven experienced corporate sustainability leaders – including several “pioneers” in the space – to learn how they’ve made sustainability a central, successful part of their organizations’ business strategies. What we discovered is that there are a distinct set of stages that all build on each other, and clearing them all requires teamwork. This report details those stages, including checklists for each stage, so you can learn and manage the steps to sustainability – from setting an initial strategy to gaining stakeholder buy-in to large-scale implementation.

In This Report:


  • The five key stages of sustainability development required for success
  • Strategy and implementation tips from experienced sustainability leaders who’ve already traveled the path
  • Checklists for each stage of your journey
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