Creating the Spotify for Supply Chains

The Challenge:

In 2018, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Shelton Group embarked on a journey to fully understand how EDF could better support consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies on their sustainability journeys. We interviewed several sustainability directors ranging in titles from vice presidents, directors and C-suite executives at top CPG companies. We found their biggest unmet need/challenge was finding credible resources quickly that they could use or share with their suppliers to support a sustainable supply chain. It was clear from our interviews that a persistent barrier to setting or executing scientific sustainability goals was the perceived time and effort it takes. Because of this upfront work, it was evident that EDF was primed to serve this need, reimagining a new way to facilitate the flow of information to promote sustainable supply chains.

The Supply Chain Solutions Center

The Solution:

To effectively create a solution not limited to just facilitating information but increasing EDF’s reach and ability to effect positive change on a global scale, we looked to modern-day platforms for inspiration and asked, “Why can’t finding sustainability solutions be as easy as finding a song on Spotify?”

It can be.

Together, we built a new, multimedia-rich website that matches you with sustainability resources, best practices, case studies, thought leadership and news, filtered to help you solve your specific challenges. Branded the Supply Chain Solutions Center, this free, go-to resource allows sustainability professionals to create a profile and get personalized recommendations, matching their environmental and business goals.

The site goal was the mission – get more companies on the path to greening their global supply chains by delivering supply chain professionals at high-impact companies a discoverable, engaging and intuitive user experience for varying levels of sustainability experience.

In addition to publishing research and digital content, the Supply Chain Solutions Center curates an extensive library of articles, reports, videos, digital media and professional online tools from a network of partner organizations and leading industry experts designed to educate, instruct and inform.

Sustainability, Streamlined

The Process:

A thorough discovery session with the client helped us identify opportunities and challenges inherent to the project. We presented a range of design and UX concepts, and real-time client feedback jump-started the creative process.

The result was a website design that utilizes rich, compelling visuals with the thoughtful use of negative space, organized in carousel format that captures user attention and encourages content exploration.

The homepage draws immediate focus to the Supply Chain Solutions Center’s six supply chain workstream categories – agriculture, forests, energy, chemicals, freight and zero waste – while offering content discoverability as users progress down the page.

Each of the category pages utilizes a custom content filtering and tagging system that simplifies user searches while displaying the most relevant content with images, titles and descriptions.

An important feature of the site is the online sustainability assessment specifically for supply chain professionals. This highly customized, interactive, logic-based tool known as the “GAIA Supply Chain Maturity Model” enables users to self-assess on a recurring basis in order to quantify growth and identify opportunities more accurately and efficiently.

"... finding solutions is now as simple as finding Beyoncé’s greatest hits."

The Payoff:

Modern CPG supply chains have an enormous environmental and human health impact. That means they also present huge opportunities for companies striving to become more sustainable. Even still, we all know that consumers expect companies to make their products more sustainable – so every choice at shelf is a “good choice.”

Sounds daunting, right? Not anymore. Thanks to the crowdsourced platform, simply finding solutions is now as simple as finding Beyoncé’s greatest hits. And we couldn’t be prouder to be the architects.

Suzanne Shelton

President and CEO

Suzanne is the voice and the vision of Shelton Group. Drawing on her extensive experience in energy and the environment – and 25+ years in the marketing and advertising industry – Suzanne provides high-level strategic insights for our clients and guidance for our research and creative departments. She regularly speaks at conferences around the country, including Sustainable Brands, Fortune Brainstorm E and the International Builders’ Show, and serves as a guest columnist for publications like Fast Company, Green Builder and

Susannah Enkema

VP Research & Insights

Susannah directs our research team and plays a key role in extracting the nuggets of information that pave the way for recommended marketing strategies and creative approaches. Susannah has nearly two decades of market research and strategy experience, including her role as president of SE Consulting, where she led the services for the likes of DIY Network and the makers of GORE-TEX®.

Matt Brass

VP Creative

Matt steers the creative department in concepting, designing and producing campaigns. He ensures sound strategy and deep insights inform everything his team develops, and works closely with the accounts department to ensure copy and designs will meet our clients’ goals. As a designer and filmmaker himself, he’s also a principal contributor to all of Shelton’s in-house photography and videography work.

Courtnay Hamachek

VP Operations

Courtnay oversees our day-to-day operations to keep us running smoothly and support our growth. She establishes project management systems and processes to help our teams anticipate bottlenecks, prevent process issues, and keep projects on time and on target. Courtnay has built extensive experience over 25 years in all aspects of marketing, from account services and project management to design and production.

Aaron Crecy

Digital Marketing Director

Aaron is responsible for planning, executing and measuring digital marketing strategies for Shelton Group and our clients, with an emphasis on inbound, content, SEO, social media, email and paid initiatives. He constantly researches and explores new tactics and strategies to improve digital campaign performance and results.

Aaron brings to the table more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience with premium consumer-facing brands. He came to Shelton Group by way of Malibu Boats, where, as Director of Global Marketing, he oversaw strategic marketing planning and execution for multiple product lines, with specific emphasis on social media and digital. Prior to that, he served as CMO for a leading daily fantasy sports operator, guiding it from startup to the industry’s third-ranked site.

Scot Case

Senior Consultant

A sustainability strategy consultant since 1993, Scot has served as non-profit leader, as a partner in an environmental marketing firm that he grew and sold, and as an executive in a multi-billion-dollar, international company. He has published dozens of articles and case studies, was co-author of the original “Sins of Greenwashing” study, testified before Congress, and been quoted on NPR, Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times, Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal. Scot was also highlighted in an Emmy award-winning documentary on sustainable purchasing.

Casey Ward

VP Account Services

Casey manages our relationships, growth and development with a specific group of clients that includes Environmental Defense Fund, Cotton LEADS and CertainTeed Insulation. She provides leadership and support for the account team members who manage the day-to-day processes for these clients. She contributes to strategic direction for each client and guides our creative efforts to ensure everything we do builds toward meeting – or exceeding – the client’s goals. Her ability to simultaneously see the big picture and pay close attention to the details helps her champion her clients’ needs and identify new growth opportunities for them.