A bold mission demands a bold campaign

Client: Cree

Cree, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, brought Shelton Group on board in 2009 to help accomplish a bold mission for the day: to make incandescent and fluorescent lighting obsolete. As a competitor of industry titans like GE, Sylvania and Philips, Cree wanted to build a brand based on performance and leadership that would appeal to business decision makers. The new brand and B2B supporting campaign, “Lighting the LED Revolution,” heralded Cree’s LED technology as a game-changer … and the campaign was a game changer for Cree’s lead generation.

Client Challenge

Boost brand awareness and generate leads by addressing B2B specifiers’ reluctance to buy a brand they don’t yet deem tried and true.

Shelton Strategy

Prove Cree LEDs ready for primetime by visually contrasting LEDs against the prison-like dimness of standard office lighting … and call for specifiers to rise up against that norm of wasteful, unattractive lighting.

Critical Tactics

  • Video
  • Print collateral
  • Tradeshow presence

The Payoff

The campaign’s reveal at LightFair, a premier trade event, secured Cree 25% more qualified leads than the previous year, as well as a prominent article in The New York Times’ green section. Recall of campaign advertising was high: of those who buy or specify LEDs, 68% recalled seeing our trade journal ad, and 45% recalled reading it.

The best part? The campaign lined up with Cree’s release of several new products, and together, these efforts helped Cree grow its revenue from LED products 51% over the prior year – compared to growth of just 19% the year before.

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Suzanne Shelton

President and CEO

Suzanne is the voice and the vision of Shelton Group. Drawing on her extensive experience in energy and the environment – and 25+ years in the marketing and advertising industry – Suzanne provides high-level strategic insights for our clients and guidance for our research and creative departments. She regularly speaks at conferences around the country, including Sustainable Brands, Fortune Brainstorm E and the International Builders’ Show, and serves as a guest columnist for publications like Fast Company, Green Builder and GreenBiz.com.

Susannah Enkema

VP Research & Insights

Susannah directs our research team and plays a key role in extracting the nuggets of information that pave the way for recommended marketing strategies and creative approaches. Susannah has nearly two decades of market research and strategy experience, including her role as president of SE Consulting, where she led the services for the likes of DIY Network and the makers of GORE-TEX®.

Laila Waggoner

VP Client Engagement

Laila leads our client engagement process, overseeing activities from both a strategic and a tactical level to ensure our work generates desired results – and clients’ satisfaction. She brings 25+ years of marketing leadership experience to her client relationships, with particular expertise in the homebuilding and remodeling industries as well as member-driven organizations, such as the Vinyl Siding Institute and Plastics Pipe Institute. Before joining Shelton Group, she led strategic marketing teams for Owens Corning’s insulation business.

Matt Brass

VP Creative

Matt steers the creative department in concepting, designing and producing campaigns. He ensures sound strategy and deep insights inform everything his team develops, and works closely with the accounts department to ensure copy and designs will meet our clients’ goals. As a designer and filmmaker himself, he’s also a principal contributor to all of Shelton’s in-house photography and videography work.

Glen L. Vesser III

VP Finance and Administration

Glen manages Shelton Group’s finances and administration, ensuring our internal systems run smoothly so we can provide exceptional client service in a seamless and timely manner. Glen’s financial and administrative expertise has been shaped by decades of experience in a variety of industries, including public accounting, media distribution and health care.

Mike Beamer

VP Business Development

Mike joined our team to help provide strategic vision and foster our agency’s growth by overseeing new business leads and managing agency marketing and website content. He arrived in Knoxville steeped in energy efficiency and renewables – he previously led client service for an agency division in Boston dedicated to marketing communications strategy and branding for B2B and B2C clients in that space.