Spotlighting the unsung hero

Client: CertainTeed 

CertainTeed had been funneling their marketing dollars into print advertising aimed at sales channels. When they decided to build brand awareness and preference among consumer audiences for their SMARTBATT™ insulation and MemBrain™ smart vapor retarder, they asked us to help them develop effective strategies and tactics.

Before we could show consumers why CertainTeed was a must-have for their homes’ needs, we had to make them stop and think about a product they take for granted. Through a highly strategic, multi-faceted digital campaign, we accomplished both missions, generating nearly 20,000,000 impressions and introducing a significant chunk of the target audience to CertainTeed.

Client Challenge

Consumers need a good reason to think about insulation generally. After all, when consumers dream about remodeling or building their home, they’re absorbed in details like granite countertops and hardwood floors. Insulation isn’t on their radars.

Shelton Strategy

Connect the dots between CertainTeed’s insulation products and what the audience does think about: comfort, quality and their family’s health. Create a smart digital strategy – combining contextual targeting, behavioral targeting and retargeting – to deliver those messages to the right consumers at the right time.

Critical Tactics

  • Landing pages
  • Display ads
  • Pre-roll video
  • Social
  • Email
  • Sponsored content

The Payoff

We tracked results and optimized as we learned which channels and specific messages resonated most with target audiences. For instance, mobile ads performed so well that we increased the percentage of mobile ads in our mix.

We generated nearly 20,000,000 impressions and over 74,000 clicks to CertainTeed web pages, all for less than half of the cost of one small advertisement in some leading home renovation magazines (a savings of over 1,400% in terms of CPM – cost per thousand impressions). Additionally, the campaign’s click-through rate has exceeded Google industry benchmarks for display advertising by over 500%.