Energy efficiency takes a dramatic twist

Client: Michigan Saves, Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Dow Building Solutions

Four Michigan-based organizations faced the same challenge: how could they motivate Michigan homeowners to improve energy efficiency? Their individual efficiency messages were going in one ear and out the other, so they joined forces with us to develop a statewide PSA campaign. Acting as the command and creative center for this coalition effort, we created “Avoid Energy Drama” – a campaign that connected energy efficiency (rather, the lack thereof) with a memorable and relatable scenario: everyday family drama. By putting a light-hearted spin on two common household disputes, we helped the audience see they did indeed have an efficiency problem – and our sponsors had solutions.

Client Challenge

Homeowners were convinced they didn’t have an energy efficiency problem – so communications about our sponsors’ efficiency solutions weren’t sinking in.

Shelton Strategy

Ignorance wasn’t bliss – homeowners still dealt with energy and comfort issues. We needed to wake them up to the cause – energy inefficiency – with a dash of humor and real life before our sponsors’ communications would hit home.

Critical Tactics

  • TV
  • Digital
  • Social

The Payoff

The PSA campaign garnered more than twice as many broadcast impressions as projected, totaling about 35 million from unpaid media – nearly equivalent to a $1 million media buy. One in four website visitors requested more information about an energy audit and/or clicked through to a sponsor’s website, and Michigan Saves received more than double their goal for energy efficiency loan inquiries during the campaign’s run.