Aggressive goals, targeted approach, big results.

Client: Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri, a Midwestern electric and gas utility with more than 1.2 million customers, was entering year two of an ambitious three-year effort to save 843,000 MWh – but with little headway convincing customers to save energy, they weren’t on track to meet that goal. Using our proprietary customer segmentation system that targets messaging to an audience’s unique emotional drivers, we created a comprehensive campaign called “Smile, Missouri,” that helped Ameren get back on track – and then some. With our help, Ameren beat its original aggressive savings goals by 41%.

Client Challenge

Old messaging was tired and generic; it touted savings but didn’t inspire action. Ameren Missouri’s website for energy rebates was confusing, creating a barrier between customers and rebate programs.

Shelton Strategy

Create a warm, motivational campaign that taps into a deeper emotional driver – feeling happy – to encourage customers to save energy, and support it with a user-friendly digital experience that makes it easy to apply for rebates. Use segmentation to target different parts of the customer base with messaging and programs that appeal specifically to them. Cross-market programs we know make sense based on their segment.

Critical Tactics

  • Digital
  • Direct mail
  • TV
  • Print collateral

The Payoff

Ameren Missouri saw big changes for the better – right away. Traffic soared on the energy efficiency program rebates page, more than doubling the previous year’s numbers, and in the campaign’s first month alone, weekly pickups for fridge recycling more than tripled (from 88 to 300). From year one to year two, HVAC improvements increased 34%. Long-term, our strategic campaign drove program participation to all-time highs, and Ameren Missouri topped its three-year, 843,000-MWh energy savings goal by 41%. Bonus: the campaign also gave a boost to Ameren Missouri’s J.D. Power scores.