Efficiency in real life

Client: Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois had a sneaking suspicion they weren’t sending the right messages about their energy efficiency programs, and so hired us to figure out how to maximize program awareness. After digging into this challenge with a customer survey, we realized customers were turning a deaf ear because they thought their 50+ year-old homes were already efficient. If they heard from a new voice – not their utility talking at them about programs – they’d tune in, especially if that new voice were an actual customer describing how Ameren Illinois had helped her save energy and money.

We interviewed residential and business customers who’d taken control of their energy use through Ameren Illinois’ energy efficiency programs, capturing their honest responses, situations and interests. Audiences listening to and reading these customers’ stories found that they could relate to their former energy woes – and realized that Ameren Illinois was ready and able to help them achieve similar successes.