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by Oct 12, 2022

Shelton Stat of the Week

Most Americans (73%) are concerned about the impacts climate change will have on their children’s quality of life.
Eco Pulse®, 2020

If you’re a regular reader of our newsletter and blog, you know our purpose with these missives is to share what we’re learning about how to communicate a sustainability story most effectively. Typically, we pull from our 16 years of ongoing market insights work and from our work on launching campaigns and thought leadership activities for our clients.

This is not one of those posts.

Today, I’m writing to share the exciting news that Shelton Group is now an ERM company. ERM is the world’s leading pure play sustainability consultancy, much like Shelton Group is America’s leading marketing communications firm entirely focused in the sustainability space. ERM exists to shape a sustainable future with the world’s leading organizations. Shelton Group exists to create a market advantage for the organizations that are creating a sustainable future. In short, we’re perfectly aligned on purpose and values.

And while we’ve been focused on the “saying” side of the equation, ERM has been primarily focused on the “doing” side. And that’s exactly why we’ve teamed up. At Shelton Group, we often have the experience of identifying where clients are doing amazing things to reduce the impact on the world or we can see how they could make changes to their business to become more sustainable, but clients often don’t know how to do it. Now we’ll have thousands of experts with deep knowledge in addressing environmental, health, safety, risk and social issues at our fingertips who can help clients find those opportunities and support them to operationalize sustainability. And by acquiring our business, ERM now has a team of sustainability marketers and communicators that can help clients explain the global-and-business-changing strategic and technical solutions they’re creating for the world’s leading organizations.

The Shelton team will now have the ability to check that the content we are creating for our very American sensibilities actually resonates and fits the cultural context across the world. ERM has 170 offices across 39 countries and a comms team in Europe. We’ll be able to work with those folks to ensure that the work we’re doing says what it intends to say, for everyone.

For Shelton Group, we are full steam ahead. We will grow rapidly, deepening our bench. And all the leaders, including me, are all in and will be leading the charge. Honestly, this is just about the most exciting thing to happen in my entire career—and in the 31-year history of Shelton Group—and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I am certain it will look like even greater impact … the kind of impact that only comes from bringing together technically backed actions with storytelling that helps clients truly show how they’ve grounded themselves in real, science-based solutions to their sustainability challenges. The kind of impact that will allow our children to grow up in a sustainable world.


News of the Week
Shelton group ERM Group
ERM acquires sustainability marketing and communications agency Shelton Group

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The business of sustainability since 1971

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