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How to build brand loyalty through sustainability


Millennials. Dozens of studies and hundreds of articles continue to explore this most puzzling of generations. But what we wanted to know – and what your brand needs to know – is how Millennials feel and act when it comes to sustainability.

The results may surprise you.

It turns out that while you work to leverage Millennials to boost your business, Millennials are busy leveraging YOU to do the sustainability work they know needs to be done.

If you do it right, you’ll earn their loyalty. If you don’t – they’re likely to look elsewhere.

In this report, you’ll learn:


  • What Millennials care about when it comes to sustainability
  • How what you’re doing for sustainability impacts their purchase decisions
  • What you can do to reduce skepticism and build trust in your brand

Bonus – The top results at a glance


We’re featuring a new way to explore the data! Once you fill out the form, you’ll see interactive graphics that reveal the detailed results for a few of the most compelling questions we asked. They’re a meaningful (and fun) complement to the report.

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