2016 Special Report: Sustainability Field Guide

A field guide to leveraging your sustainability story with key business decision makers

Our 2016 B2B PULSE® surveyed over 500 business decision makers in the U.S. and Canada – from CEOs and CFOs to Facility Managers and IT Directors in a wide range of business sectors – to discover what’s driving their decisions and the importance they place on supplier sustainability and green product and building features, in particular. We tested interest in new topics like building resiliency and smart building technologies, plus continued to measure trends like the increasing desire for renewable energy. But this brief focuses specifically on the differences we saw between types of decision makers. 

  • How do the perspectives of CFOs differ from those of CIOs, Plant Managers and others?
  • What building features are most attractive to Facility Managers, and how can you best address the supply chain concerns of CEOs?
  • What corporate sustainability initiatives matter most – what should be the “lead” in your sustainability story, depending on who you’re trying to convince?

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