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Social purpose is the new black

How can your company stand and deliver?


Eighty-six percent of consumers believe companies should take a stand for social issues – and they’re ready to support that stand with their purchases.

But don’t fall for just anything. To truly connect with consumers, choose the cause that fits your company best.

In our new report, you’ll see why committing to a little black dress of a social purpose is the way to go – rather than what’s currently en vogue (i.e., in the news). Plus you’ll discover how to get started and earn greater brand recognition for your efforts.

In this report, you’ll learn…


  • How consumers feel about companies pushing social purpose
  • What types of social causes consumers most want companies to address
  • How well consumers actually remember which brands take which stands
  • How taking a stand on social issues can create connection with, and win loyalty from, consumers
  • How social responsibility and environmental causes fit into the bigger picture of brand relationships with consumers
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