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Our take on the ever-shifting landscape of energy and the environment – and the strategies you need to market your commitment to sustainability.

Consumer expectations just got higher

If you’re like most people who read the news about the Amazon Dash Button on April 1, you thought it was literally an April Fool’s joke. No way could there be a button you mount to your countertop that sends you more Maxwell House or Tide instantly with one press! Yes... read more

Building a B2B website that works

If you’ve visited our website lately, you’ve seen that we’ve overhauled it and, hopefully, you’ve found it easier to navigate, more engaging and on point. I’m really happy with it and think it serves as a great example of the latest, best thinking in B2B sites that... read more

Pay attention to Apple

Apple is on the move. Earlier this year, Apple was reported to have nearly $178 billion in cash reserves. As noted in a CNN report, this would be enough to buy companies like Disney, Amazon or IBM at their current market value. Any company, but especially a tech... read more

Data, data, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Utilities are drowning in data. Many have hourly consumption data that can pinpoint when you like to wash your clothes and when you were on vacation last summer. Most can tell you how many times you’ve made a late payment over the last ten years and what your credit... read more

Meet your new sales guy: the local bug man

Would you ask your pest control guy for help making your house more energy efficient? How about your lawn care company? Apparently it happens all the time. As I write this, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it – in a thousand years, I wouldn’t expect the person... read more

Balance between frenemies

McDonald’s has a new commercial called “Love Is Endless,” showing the Joker making a balloon animal for Batman, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch taking a selfie, and even a red elephant and blue donkey embracing in a warm hug. It’s a great commercial with the goal... read more

Comfort is in the eye of the beholder

At Shelton Group, we believe that “comfort is king.” We think it’s important for energy-efficient home, product and program marketers to tap into deeper emotional drivers in their messaging. And we know that the idea of a “more comfortable home” has a stronger... read more

The Social Responsibility Bowl

The worst call of Super Bowl XLIX wasn’t Pete Carroll’s decision to pass on the goal line. It was Nationwide’s call to run “Make Safe Happen.” At least that’s the buzz in the ad world. Twitter was ablaze with outraged comments and snarky takes on their... read more

What’s riskier than new ideas? Not using them.

“Ideas are scary” is the theme of GE’s freakishly touching ad. “Freakish” and “touching” are not words often paired together, but GE’s spot illustrates the conundrum of our rapidly changing world. The things that could benefit us the most are... read more

2015: The year of the tipping point

In a few years, we’ll look back on what I’m about to say and think, “Wow, Suzanne’s really an excellent connector of the dots.” Or we’ll say, “She was totally full of it.” Here’s what I think the story in the numbers is from 2014, and what it means for 2015 and... read more

$7 billion later …

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab published a study in January of last year which quantified that, as of 2011, utilities were spending a collective total of $6.7 billion annually on customer-funded energy efficiency programs. “Customer-funded programs” are the ones where... read more

Our most important Energy Pulse ever

I can’t honestly remember if this is our 9th or 10th annual Energy Pulse study. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it will be remembered (at least by me) as the study that marked the shift in the American residential energy landscape … the study that... read more
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