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Our take on the ever-shifting landscape of energy and the environment – and the strategies you need to market your commitment to sustainability.

Green: Where Red and Blue Agree

In this season of increasingly rude presidential campaign rhetoric, it seems that U.S. political parties have never been more divided – both internally and from each other. As conventions near, however, both parties should be aware that Americans, regardless of their... read more

Why Business Is Good for Earth Day

The health of our air and water in the U.S. has come a long way since Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. So has corporate sustainability. From the beginning, Earth Day has had a mix of grassroots fervor and corporate/government support. The first Earth Day – the... read more

Don’t Count Utilities Out Yet

I go to a lot of conferences. And I’ve often noted, with chagrin, that at the sustainability conferences I attend about one-third of the content/insights/prognostications are related to energy … and there are almost never any folks who work for utilities in the room.... read more

Finding Your Believers

After a five-minute phone call with Mr. Steve (a volunteer STEM classroom instructor in inner city Oakland), the project was all but in the can. Granted, we had not filmed a single minute of his interview, we’d gathered no B-roll, we had not even visited his campus,... read more

An Open Letter to Manufacturers

Do you ever have that Charlie Brown moment? You know, the moment when you’ve done something again for the umpteenth time, hoping for a different result, but you get what you’ve always gotten? That’s my current relationship with the Eco Mode on my one-year-old, fairly... read more

What Drives Business Decisions?

That’s a big question, right? Shelton Group set out two years ago to try to answer it, within the context of sustainability and energy efficiency, with our first B2B Pulse study. We gained some key insights: Business decision makers are consumers too. They profess... read more

Is Fear Getting in the Way?

Last week, I attended the annual GreenBiz State of Green Business conference and the Edison Electric Institute Strategic Issues Roundtable. One conference is for sustainability professionals trying to help their companies and society avoid a “four degree world,” and... read more

2016 will be the year of …

Happy new year everyone! I officially declared 2015 the year of the tipping point (see the post here), and I actually do think in a couple of years we’ll look back and think that was right. (Making predictions is tricky business … it’s always a relief to look... read more

What do you stand for?

I’ve written posts about the financial and brand-building power of Purpose before. (If you want to learn more, check out Simon Sinek. He’s the Purpose guru and famous for his mantra: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”) I’ve quoted some powerful stats from books like Firms of Endearment, which compares purpose-driven companies like Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods and J&J, to Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” companies (like Kimberly-Clark and Kroger).

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Digital advertising to the rescue: Strategies for marketing low-interest products

At Shelton Group, we work with brands at the forefront of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability – which means we primarily work with brands in low-interest product categories, presenting a unique marketing challenge. After all, if consumers aren’t inherently interested in or searching for a particular type of product (because they don’t realize they have an efficiency or environmental problem to solve), how are you supposed to market to them?

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Are smart home enthusiasts into energy efficiency?

This year’s 2015 Energy Pulse study confirms several suspicions and busts a theory or two.

We learned that 27% of Americans could be categorized as Home Energy Efficiency Enthusiasts, and 13% of Americans are Home Technology Enthusiasts. We also learned that while home security has (historically) been the primary driver for smart home technology adoption, energy efficiency is now driving purchases. So there’s an interesting crossover between our two groups.

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