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Our take on the ever-shifting landscape of energy and the environment – and the strategies you need to market your commitment to sustainability.

Branding the “Unbrandable”

Our marketplace is full of products that are pretty darn similar, yet they have differentiated themselves by virtue of a strong brand (think Pepsi vs. Coke, Sprite vs. 7up or the hundreds of micro beers sold under their own distinctive labels). Of course, simply...

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The Segmentation Challenge

Perhaps the most critical challenge in marketing is to identify your most likely buyers or participants and understand how to reach them, and what messaging will resonate with them. There are a wide variety of segmentation approaches to tackle this challenge.

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Teaching Kids So They Can Teach Us

As crazy as it may seem to readers living in some parts of the country, kids start going back to school in a couple of weeks in much of the South. If you’re a parent, the words “back to school” have likely triggered the “cha-ching” of your mental cash register as it...

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Building Resiliency or Independence?

As we design our proprietary national surveys each year, we discuss market intelligence needs with our Inner Circle members. This year, we heard the need for insights on building resiliency as a building design and product purchase driver.

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The Patriotic Case for Sustainability

If you’ve ever heard me talk deeply about Shelton Group’s vision – that every home and building in America is energy responsible and sustainability is ordinary – it’s probably struck you that our vision is a highly patriotic one. The Shelton Group team believes to our...

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3 Themes to Ponder from Sustainable Brands ’16

I’ve just finished up two days at the annual Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, and, as usual, I have many thoughts and ideas to share. I’ve distilled it down to three key themes … hopefully these serve as launching pads for your own ideation: We’ve got to...

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5 Ways to Move Concerned Parents to Action

The Concerned Parent segment is the largest of Shelton’s four energy segments, representing over one-third (34%) of Americans. They are (attitudinally) pro-sustainability for a number of logical reasons: Many are Millennials, and climate change was a part of their...

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A Tale of Two Crises

We had a very interesting finding from our Eco Pulse 2015 study that took us by surprise: the percentage of people who said they had stopped buying a product based on the environmental reputation of a manufacturer increased dramatically from 11% to 33%. That’s pretty...

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7 Key Insights from Fortune Brainstorm E

I’ve spent the last two days holed up in a dark hotel ballroom with executives from a variety of traditional and start-up companies talking about energy, water, food, climate change, and what we’re all going to do about it. At the end of Fortune Brainstorm E, Allan...

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Language and the Art of Selling Better Homes

If you’ve read our Buzzwords report from last year, you know that one of the phenomena we uncovered is that words that sound negative don’t land well with consumers. “Low VOC,” “low carbon footprint” and “net zero” all tested poorly with consumers – and two of those...

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Green: Where Red and Blue Agree

In this season of increasingly rude presidential campaign rhetoric, it seems that U.S. political parties have never been more divided – both internally and from each other. As conventions near, however, both parties should be aware that Americans, regardless of their...

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Why Business Is Good for Earth Day

The health of our air and water in the U.S. has come a long way since Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. So has corporate sustainability. From the beginning, Earth Day has had a mix of grassroots fervor and corporate/government support. The first Earth Day – the...

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Don’t Count Utilities Out Yet

I go to a lot of conferences. And I’ve often noted, with chagrin, that at the sustainability conferences I attend about one-third of the content/insights/prognostications are related to energy … and there are almost never any folks who work for utilities in the room....

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