Eco Pulse®

A Period of Change

A market disruption and what we can learn from it

How reusable period products are disrupting the single-use paradigm

Once upon a time, feminine hygiene was a topic simply not mentioned in polite society – and options were limited to an aisle of single-use products. Now, times are changing, and the options have grown. What once seemed like a segment of the consumer packaged goods industry impervious to change is now undergoing profound transformation. New, reusable choices are flooding the market – choices that are better for the environment and, in most cases, work better too. Fifty-nine percent of women have used or considered using them – what will that do to your business?

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Statistics on reusable period products and the women who use them (or are considering using them)
  • Discussion of why consumers are switching (hint: the environment is a big part of it)
  • Market implications domestically and globally if the trend continues (and it shows no signs of stopping)
  • Exploration of changes in consumer perception (how “disposable” is becoming the new “unsustainable”)
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