Engaging Middle America in Recycling Solutions

Personal health and the economy are dominating consumer mindsets right now. Their concerns about the environment are losing ground fast. Is recycling dying?

Before COVID-19, 41% of Americans wanted to be seen as someone who buys green products, and many could cite an example of a brand they’d purchased (or not purchased) because of the environmental record of the manufacturer.

As of late May, in the middle of the pandemic, the numbers have dropped dramatically, to levels not seen since 2013. Similarly, Americans’ concerns about climate change and plastics in the ocean have plummeted.

The big question is:

What does this mean for engaging Americans in their number one green activity: recycling?

Shelton Group fielded a special-topic recycling poll to dig into current consumer attitudes and understanding of the struggling recycling system and how that knowledge impacts consumer behaviors. The poll and our corresponding report explore the current American mindset on recycling solutions, including …

  • Tracking consumer awareness of the plastic waste crisis
  • Tracking expectations of brands and policymakers for solving the problem
  • Determining impacts of the How2Recycle® labels (awareness, use, impact on behavior and attitudes)
  • Understanding the impact of shifting recycling attitudes and beliefs on a selection of CPG style packaging

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