Here for the leaders

Client: Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund tackles serious environmental challenges by supporting companies as they transform the way they do business. Following the 2016 presidential election, we saw an unprecedented opportunity for them to build their brand and connect in a powerful way with their target audiences.

We had polled American business decision-makers and consumers to gauge their reaction to Scott Pruitt’s appointment as head of the EPA. Our data revealed that confidence in the EPA had plummeted … and many Americans were counting on NGOs to protect the environment and provide sustainability guidance. Environmental Defense Fund was the #2 NGO of choice for our business audience.

We urged EDF to step boldly (and quickly) into the void left by the EPA – and we created a campaign to help them do it.

Client Challenge

Mobilize American business leaders to stand up for the environment in the face of eroding environmental protection at the federal level.

Critical Tactics

Targeted digital campaign to reach C-suite executives via:

  • Pre-roll video
  • Podcast audio spots
  • Display and social ads
  • Retargeting efforts
  • Landing page
  • EDF internal efforts: campaign blogs, homepage promo and social channels

Shelton Strategy

We’d previously worked with the EDF+Business division to reposition their brand as companies’ go-to sustainability resource and to tell the story through our brand campaign, It isn’t either/or. It’s EDF+Business. So as we analyzed our research results, we could clearly envision the opportunity for EDF as a whole to continue building that position as businesses’ trusted go-to – as the environmental NGO that understands them and empowers them to take up the mantle of leadership, no matter what happens in Washington.

We crafted a digital campaign that called on companies to “lead from the front” with confidence, because “EDF has your back.” We recommended putting this urgent call to action right in front of C-suite executives through a short, highly targeted and optimized media buy to make sure EDF’s voice was heard at this critical time.

The Payoff

Over 10 weeks, we inspired over 70,000 business leaders to “lead from the front.” In total, we put EDF’s message in front of 11 million viewers and garnered great view-through and click-through rates compared to industry averages. EDF is continuing its mission – and businesses truly are stepping up to lead in sustainable innovation and environmental protection.