These brands don’t go it alone. That’s how they lead the way.

by Nov 29, 2018

Shelton Insight

“Reaching the finish line in the sustainability race requires a lot of prep work, good mentoring, the right tools and strategy, and most importantly – teamwork” (Shelton–Navigant Report).

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Sustainability Win of the Week

Each week we cover the sustainability successes of other companies. This week, we’re excited to announce an accomplishment of our own!

Announcing the release of our new report, “Getting Your Company to the Front of the Pack: Harnessing the Complexities of Sustainability Through Teamwork,” researched and written in collaboration with Navigant, a global consulting firm in the energy and sustainability sector. The white paper lays out the steps all companies face in making sustainability central to their operations, based on insights from interviews with sustainability leaders – from Kohler, Patagonia, Seventh Generation and more – and quantitative data from Navigant on various sectors’ progress toward sustainability.

The result is a concrete set of sustainability steps all companies should take to get to the front of the pack. Bottom line: sustainability is a journey, and companies should plan to be in it for the long haul. Teamwork internally and externally is crucial to success and to achieving a competitive advantage. No matter where your company is on the sustainability journey, there’s some good advice in this report for you on the next steps. Enjoy!

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News of the Week

Food waste reduction is a high priority for U.S. diners, study shows – Waste Dive

This article is a perfect reminder to finish eating all those Thanksgiving leftovers. We’ve explored the problem of food waste before on the blog. Now, new research confirms that 72% of consumers care about how companies handle food waste, and nearly half of consumers would pay more to dine at restaurants with food recovery programs in place. Restaurants such as Panera, KFC and Chipotle have long been participating in food recovery programs – and now more are following suit.

Online shopping is terrible for the environment. It doesn’t have to be. – Vox

This past weekend, millions of Americans went shopping – to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Online shopping is increasingly common, yet the environmental effects of package delivery tend to be overlooked. This article explores the carbon footprint of online retail delivery and offers potential solutions (such as electric fleets) to address rising emissions rates.

Sustainable fashion searches surged in 2018 – Forbes

Sustainable fashion is trending, with more and more consumers searching for keywords such as “vegan leather” and “organic cotton.” Research was conducted by fashion search engine Lyst, which tracked over 100 million shopping searches in the past year and monitored them for trends. Lyst has reported a 47% increase in shoppers “looking for items that have ethical and style credentials” that pertain to sustainability and the environment.

When it comes to sustainability, how does YOUR company stack up?

We’ve interviewed sustainability leaders and gathered their advice for what it takes to successfully bake sustainability into a corporate structure. Learn the stages of corporate sustainability – from initial strategy to final implementation – and get the game plan to achieve a competitive advantage by mobilizing your team.
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