Sustainability News of the Week: 100% sustainable fashion, lake aeration & diminishing water supply

by Oct 17, 2019

News of the Week


Shell, Yeah! Patagonia waterproof shells go 100% sustainable – The Manual

Patagonia has spent the past 26 years working toward 100% sustainable production of its waterproof shells. Now, all 61 of their shells are “constructed from recycled materials and sewn in Fair Trade certified factories.” The new line, appropriately called Shell, Yeah!, is made from recycled plastic. Production of this line enabled Patagonia to make big cuts to the carbon emissions of its supply chain. Read more.

Lake aeration may help fish deal with climate change – NPR

The Shortnose and Lost River suckers of Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon are now endangered species. Scientists blame their decline on increasingly poor water quality combined with a warming climate. A symptom of warmer, poor quality water is low dissolved oxygen levels and because fish breathe oxygen from water, when levels are low, populations suffer. Learn how energy professor Mason Terry enlisted his students to produce a solar-powered lake-aeration raft to pump more air into Upper Klamath Lake. Read more.

Depleting groundwater stores hurts rivers and threatens food supply – National Geographic

Rivers are fed from above, but they are also fed from below. Pumping fresh water out of the ground reduces important stores used to feed our rivers and the decline of our underground water supply poses huge threats to thousands of river ecosystems worldwide. “Forty percent of the food we grow is watered with liquid extracted from below Earth’s surface … that water is being removed much faster than it can be replenished.” Read more.

Americans Say ‘Enough’ to Plastic

American consumers care about the problem of plastic waste more than ever – even more than climate change, in fact, our research reveals. We polled 1,000 Americans on environmental issues, and “plastics in the ocean” ranked as their top concern. Now is the time for brands to create solutions and tell their stories. Find out more in our free report.

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