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July 5, 2012

Where are all the blackouts?

Utilities warned of a future where intense heat waves would surely be more than their aging infrastructure could handle...and it seems to...

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June 28, 2012

Do it for them

Of all the things your company can do to "prove" you're green, the ones that make it easy for consumers are the winners

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June 27, 2012

If Tom’s of Maine can do it…

As more and more consumers look on-pack to determine if a product is green, who's doing it right despite all the challenges?

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February 29, 2012

Taking on the Food Machine

Chipotle's manifesto-in-the-form-of-an-ad is interesting. But is the Grammy's the right forum for the message?

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February 17, 2010

Consumers prefer “natural” products, but what about products inspired by nature?

Turns out Mother Nature is a pretty good product designer. Think about stealing from her as you create new green products for consumers.

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December 17, 2009

The Consumer Impact of Copenhagen

Whether or not a binding treaty gets created in Copenhagen, it's likely the beginning of a snowball at the top of the hill that will impact...