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June 9, 2011

Highlights from Sustainable Brands 2011

What's the latest from Sustainable Brands 2011 conference? Check it out here.

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May 25, 2011

Are you creating real value?

Are your company and you products creating real value - or simply borrowing it from other places? Or, why cheeseburgers should really cost...

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April 6, 2011

Global warming or climate change: whatever, dude

At the risk of being voted off the sustainability island, I’m going to say something that might be considered heretical. It doesn’t...

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January 20, 2010

How green is Apple’s apple?

There's clearly a difference consumers can smell between talking the talk and walking the talk. So what happens if you don't package the...

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December 17, 2009

The Consumer Impact of Copenhagen

Whether or not a binding treaty gets created in Copenhagen, it's likely the beginning of a snowball at the top of the hill that will impact...

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October 8, 2009

The US Chamber situation and the consumer mindset

There's been a lot of coverage in Environmental Leader this week about the companies defecting from the US Chamber of Commerce over...