You don’t have to go it alone

This is going to seem self-serving.

I shared our Wasting Water is Weird campaign at Sustainable Brands a few weeks ago – not as an example of a cool campaign (which, of course, it is), but as an example of a model for brands to follow when creating consumer behavior change.

We’ve written about the campaign in this blog before, so skip ahead if you already know this: it was a coalition effort funded by P&G, Lowe’s, Kohler and Bosch, with support from EPA’s WaterSense program. Our goal was to close the gap between the 2/3 of Americans who say they feel personally responsible to conserve water and the less-than-one-third who are actually doing anything about it.

The model of multiple brands coming together around a big sustainability issue to create real change struck a chord with the audience. Those of us at the conference from Shelton Group were literally swamped by conversations about how this model could be applied. Given that response, I thought I’d share the presentation with you here. (It’s about 15 minutes long, so settle in. And it was shot/edited in such a way that you won’t be able to see the slides in the presentation, but the presentation isn’t dependent on them. If you’d like to have the slides, just let us know and we’ll send them.)

And if you’re interested in participating in a coalition, consumer behavior change campaign around reducing food waste, increasing recycling, dealing properly with products at the end of their useful lives or any other sustainability issue, let us know. We’re literally working on ideas for all of these right now.

Suzanne Shelton – The Power of We from Sustainable Brands on Vimeo.

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