Why Actives are happy in their pursuit of possessions

Why Actives are happy in their pursuit of possessions

Actives make up 24 percent of the consumer population. Although they are the greenest segment, they also shop more than the average person, they prefer new stuff to used, and they are affluent enough to afford to buy the things they want.

There’s an idea (and some studies have shown over time) that “things” don’t lead to happiness, and materialists are generally sad in their endless pursuit of more stuff.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to apply to Actives, who rank themselves the happiest of consumer segments.

Why? Our Eco Pulse research tells us that their beliefs and habits are in alignment. They are a desirable consumer group that happens to be green. They might also buy new sporting equipment and clothing that supports their active lifestyles. But more than that, they actively seek out brands and companies with a sense of purpose that either aligns with or expands their own.

In short, their materialism is an external expression of their internal values. When they buy a brand, they feel that they are contributing to a greater good, and they will even pay more for a brand they trust.


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September 5, 2013

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