When Good Companies Join Forces

When Good Companies Join Forces

We’re the Advertising Agency of Record for Toshiba LED Lighting in North America, so this post is extremely biased. With that caveat, let me say I continue to get excited by seeing like-minded companies collaborate to create solutions to energy and environmental challenges. We realized long ago that so many of our clients were trying to solve the same problems; we created a group of them called the Inner Circle to give them a forum where they could share challenges and solutions. From that group was borne the idea for Wasting Water is Weird, which we launched in August and blogged about heavily. The point is, several companies were devoted to increasing public action around water conservation – and via one campaign they came together to make it happen.

Starbucks and Toshiba are two different (but related) examples. Starbucks has committed itself to reducing the energy consumption in its stores by 25% by 2015. Toshiba – the leading manufacturer of efficient lighting in Japan – has made the commitment to bring its offering to North America. Now, both companies will benefit financially, so I certainly get that.  But my point is that when major companies commit themselves to big goals and big moves related to energy efficiency, big things happen. The latest big thing is the Starbucks in Times Square, which achieves its cool, Broadway theatre stage-look via Toshiba’s LED lamps.

This accomplished two things:  by specifying more efficient, progressive lighting, companies like Starbucks increase demand and help bring the cost down for everyone – making LEDs more affordable for the average American. And by showcasing them in a well-designed, dramatic fashion, Starbucks literally shows the world that LEDs are ready for prime time. If they can light up a New York Times Square Starbucks so gracefully, surely they can light your home or office.

In other words, if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere. 😉

So here’s to collaboration – the best way forward as we create a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly world (and a profitable one at that).

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