The next phase in the SunChips saga

The next phase in the SunChips saga

I received this very nice email today from Stephanie Beal, an Account Executive at Ketchum, working on the Frito Lay/SunChips business:

As you might have heard in some news reports today, Frito-Lay’s SunChips brand announced the release of a quieter 100% compostable SunChips bag. After six months of testing, the SunChips research team found that by using a different adhesive that still met performance requirements, they were able to significantly reduce the noise of the bag. As before, the next-generation bag is still made from a renewable, plant-based material called PLA, or polylactic acid, and is 100% compostable when placed in a hot, active compost bin.

Since you covered the first-generation SunChips compostable bag, we wanted you to be among the first to see the significant noise differences in this next rollout. If you’re interested in receiving both generation bags for comparison, please let us know the best address to send the samples.

In the meantime, please check out or for additional information.  You can also read about the new compostable bag in this AP story that posted this morning:

So I emailed back a thank you note and said, yes, I’d love to have both bags for comparison.  As soon as I get them I’ll post a video blog with our predictions re consumer acceptance and, whether they want it or not, our advice to Ketchum on how to best market the new bag to consumers. 😉

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