Placing green products on the silver screen

Placing green products on the silver screen

Our latest Eco Pulse™ study tells us that, in the wake of the lingering recession, many green habits and purchase behaviors have plateaued or declined.

We think we’ve reached the maximum percentage for the market searching for greener products (between 65 and 70 percent). But only 25 percent of the market consistently buys green products.

This means that green product marketers and behavior advocates are faced with the harder work of cultivating purchase consistency and loyalty among occasional buyers and convincing the more skeptical mass market to try greener alternatives.

The process of placing items can be complicated and expensive, but product placement in movies and on TV shows can be an effective way to put our green products and green behaviors in the market eye.

It’s important to strive for the correct fit between the show, the product and the audience. While green consumers cross many socio-demographic sectors, we know they’re upscale, educated and somewhat likely to be married women. Green consumers are often Hispanic.

Recently, many viewers of the Netflix TV series “House of Cards” noticed Kevin Spacey holding a Repurpose Compostables coffee cup. That placement was arranged by Green Product Placement, which has carved out a niche for itself in placing green products and behaviors.


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October 23, 2013

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