Do you have the insights you need for a winning smart home strategy?

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Do you have the insights you need for a winning smart home strategy?

I don’t know if you kept up with the media coverage of CES® 2016, but the annual conference of the Consumer Technology Association took place a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas and highlighted some of the latest innovations in smart home technology. Here at Shelton Group, we kept our eyes peeled for great new ideas – like the winner of the Smart Home Innovations category, an LED bulb from Sengled that allows voice control of multiple home devices (super cool, although, if we’re being honest, we were most intrigued by the robot bartender from Somabar).

It’s obvious that home technology is making huge strides. The marketplace, however, is lagging behind. That means there’s tremendous opportunity for marketers in the smart home space, and we have two new Energy Pulse special reports that can help you craft your strategy:

The Smart Home Gender Gap outlines what we see as the main barrier to mass market adoption – it’s got critical insights for builders, product manufacturers and app makers, including a key piece of the puzzle for engaging women on smart home technology.

Smart Home Strategies for Utilities gives five key reasons utilities should get into the smart home game now. Smart homes give utilities a natural pathway for engaging their customers with DSM and peak-demand programs. But there’s a bigger issue at play: the coming disruption in the energy landscape, brought to you by the same companies that are now innovating in the smart home space. Forward-thinking utilities should be planning to compete in that arena, offering a robust set of services that builds customer loyalty and brings in additional revenue.

We polled 2,000 American consumers on smart homes to get these insights – don’t miss what they have to say. Both downloads are free! (And we actually recommend reading both no matter what vertical you’re in – there’s valuable info in each report that speaks to a broad audience.)

So dig in, and please get in touch if you find something that piques your interest. We’re always ready for a conversation.


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January 20, 2016

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