How do consumers know a product is green?

How do consumers know a product is green?

We know that a growing number of consumers are interested in environmentally friendly and healthy products, especially when they are priced right, easy to find and get the job done.

But how does the average person discern that a product is, in fact, green?

Our Eco Pulse ™ 2013 study asked that very question. Full text: “You’ve likely been seeing a lot of products that are promoted as green in stores these days. But how do you know that a product is green?”

The top two answers were, as they have been for the past five years, by reading either 1) the product content detail or 2) the package label, in general.

In third place, 34 percent selected a new choice, “The brand has a reputation for green products.”

And directly behind this were 30 percent who checked,  “It’s made by a company with a strong environmental reputation.”

This validates marketing efforts to tell corporate sustainability stories. Never doubt that consumers are listening.


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July 8, 2013

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