Harness the power of multiple screens to reach Millennials

Harness the power of multiple screens to reach Millennials

A lot has been said about the importance of marketing to Millennials – that is, the generation that has come of age since the turn of the century.

Their population is big; in fact, they are the biggest age group ever. Their spending power is growing exponentially, and they are shaping many large changes in the business, technology and social worlds. We also know through our research that Millennials are very green-leaning.

Marketers are realizing that harnessing the power of this influential generation can be a bit of a tight rope. Millennials want to feel that they are active participants in a conversation and not just passive viewers.

A perfect example of this coming to life is Millennials’ propensity to consume media via multiple screens.

It’s no secret that traditional media consumption has declined in recent years. Consumers have shifted from live broadcast and print media in favor of on-demand. Television shows, movies and radio programs are now being consumed over the internet via computers, tablets and even smartphones.

No group has triggered this shift more than Millennials – with the possible exception of their younger counterparts, Gen Z.

So how can marketers keep Millennials’ attention across multiple screens? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Spark a conversation. While watching their favorite shows, Millennials are creating their own conversations through different social media channels. Oftentimes, they are more engaged with how others are reacting to the show than they are with the actual show. Marketers who can generate this type of organic conversation could experience a nice bump in interest in their brand.
  2. Gamify their experience. Gamification isn’t a new concept, but harnessing the power of competition can be a boon for marketers. Earning points for participating in a contest directly linked to their media consumption actively engages Millennials in what they’re consuming. Think about trivia, games and contests that complement the viewing experience.
  3. Supplement their viewership. The second (or third) screen is often used as a supplementary device to gather information related to the media they are consuming. Take the app Shazam, for instance. By popping up in the right spot, and delivering relevant and engaging material, marketers can continue to grab the attention of this attention deficient generation. Are they watching a program about the latest green technology developed by your company? Why not give them access to some behind-the-scenes information only available to second screen viewers?

The key to harnessing Millennials is to understand that their attention is often divided among multiple related (and sometimes totally different) topics, especially when consuming media.

As long as you make them active participants, with multiple access options, and speak to them in an authentic way, you will continue fostering a relationship with this important group.



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June 27, 2013

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