Americans are increasing their searches for “greener”/healthier food and beverages

Americans are increasing their searches for “greener”/healthier food and beverages

Eco Pulse™ 2013 statistics underline the trend that consumer concern for health is a key driver for green purchases and behaviors.

At the same time as somewhat fewer consumers are searching  for “greener” products overall, the percentage specifically searching for greener food and beverages is up significantly.

In our Eco Pulse 2013™ survey, the respondents who said they were searching for “greener” (more energy-efficient, natural, sustainable, etc.) products dropped about four points – from 70 percent in 2012 to 66 percent this year.

But when asked, “In which categories are you seriously searching for greener products?” food and beverages saw a significant 10-point increase in search activity.

In our research, we see that personal health is often a key driver in the search for greener products – this is particularly true for the food and beverage category.

This motivation grows as young consumers begin having children, and it increases even more when those kids have bouts with allergies or asthma.

For this reason, food and beverage marketers have a particularly good opportunity to target their messages to young parents who are looking to buy healthier food and beverages for their families. As one young mom once told us in a focus group, “I won’t buy organic for me and my husband, but I’ll buy it for my kids.”



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July 16, 2013

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