A good summary

A good summary

Adweek just posted a story based heavily on our Energy Pulse findings.  We thought they did a nice job of summarizing some of our key points and wanted to share it with you here.  Click this link to see the full article and read below for an excerpt.

Energy Savers: Simple Messages Not Enough
‘You’ll save money’ is no longer a realistic promise

Nov 30, 2010
– Mark Dolliver

Marketers of energy-efficient goods have already made the easy sales to early adopters, says a new report from the Shelton Group. Now they must get through to the “holdouts,” who are fairly indifferent to energy conservation, while also reaching more-willing consumers who overestimate the degree to which they’ve made their homes more frugal. And they must do so at a time when rising electric rates mean that a simple “you’ll save money” message isn’t a realistic promise to be made on behalf of energy-efficient appliances, lightbulbs, windows and the like.

In a general way, many people understand they’ve got a way to go in making their home energy-efficient. In polling for the report, the Shelton Group (an advertising and research agency that specializes in converting mainstream consumers to sustainability) asked respondents to assess the energy efficiency of their own home. Just under half the respondents rated it as “efficient” (35 percent) or “very efficient” (14 percent). Thirty-seven percent said it’s “neither inefficient nor efficient,” while 11 percent rated it “inefficient” and 3 percent “very inefficient.”

Still, many respondents to the survey (conducted over the summer) reported having taken significant steps to reduce their household’s energy usage. Among such measures: 49 percent have put in extra insulation, 51 percent have installed a more-efficient heating or cooling system, 59 percent have bought an Energy Star-qualified appliance, and 49 percent have installed high-efficiency windows…

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