News This Week: College Bans Beef, Insect Apocalypse & Climate Change Shapes Life Choices

by Aug 15, 2019

News of the Week


College bans beef. – CNN

Beef has been banned from the Goldsmiths University of London campus in order to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and help mitigate the climate crisis. In addition to banning beef, which is responsible for 41% of livestock greenhouse gases, university warden Frances Corner says they’re also adding a levy on bottled water and single use plastic cups to discourage use. Will other universities follow suit?

Insect Apocalypse. – National Geographic

Insect abundance has declined more than 45% in 45 years and much of the decline is credited to the historic trend in agriculture to rely on pesticide-heavy pest-management solutions. Transitioning away from chemical dependence can be difficult for farmers and seem like a lengthy proposition, but as a grain farmer in South Dakota says, “Working with nature is a good business decision.”

Climate change shapes life choices. – USA Today

People are grappling with the idea that disastrous weather events are right around the corner and that their children — or future generations — may be faced with living in untenable conditions. This anxiety is impacting the decision-making of Generations Y, Z, and Alpha. Some are considering not having kids, others are changing their minds about what to study in college and others feel too frozen by future uncertainty to choose anything at all. But kids are speaking out, and they just may be the voices we need to spur real change. 

Americans Say ‘Enough’ to Plastic

American consumers care about the problem of plastic waste more than ever – even more than climate change, in fact, our research reveals. We polled 1,000 Americans on environmental issues, and “plastics in the ocean” ranked as their top concern. Now is the time for brands to create solutions and tell their stories. Find out more in our free report.

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