News This Week: Carbon-Neutral NY, Meat Sustainability & Bags Replace Boxes

by Jul 18, 2019

News of the Week

Carbon-neutral NY? It really is the future. – NY Mag

The state of New York is enacting one of the most aggressive climate bills in the U.S. and plans promise to effect NYC living in a big way. Getting to net-zero by 2050 isn’t going to be easy but the state is willing to invest in rooftop solar projects, offshore wind farms and other solutions to make it happen. A lot is unknown, but one thing that’s for sure — luxury building owners are going to have to prepare for steep retrofit requirements.

Meat industry collaborates to drive sustainability goals. – Food Dive

About two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable meat and the industry is working hard to keep up with demand. Farmers and companies are collaborating to reduce their carbon footprint by setting impactful sustainability pledges and goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Walking your way to sustainability – Yahoo! Lifestyle

Puma decided to ditch the shoebox in exchange for “friendlier” packaging solutions in 2010. Since then, other companies have followed suit in response to customers expecting more from businesses they buy from. Learn how Puma’s “The Clever Little Bag” spurred a sustainability movement in footwear packaging that continues to inspire innovation nine years later.

Americans Say ‘Enough’ to Plastic

American consumers care about the problem of plastic waste more than ever – even more than climate change, in fact, our research reveals. We polled 1,000 Americans on environmental issues, and “plastics in the ocean” ranked as their top concern. Now is the time for brands to create solutions and tell their stories. Find out more in our free report.

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