News of the Week: Plastic snow, animal (mal)adaptation & carbon-neutral Copenhagen

by Aug 22, 2019

News of the Week


Plastic snow – CNN

People who live in climates cold enough to still get snow may be rethinking their ritualistic winter snow-cream snacking after learning about all the microplastics being found in snow as far out as the Arctic. Plastic snow is nerve-wracking, but it’s just a symptom. The bigger issue with plastic snow is that the microplastics have to first find their way into the atmosphere before ever becoming a part of our favorite flurry mix. So, where else are they traveling to? Where else is it being lived in, breathed in, and eaten? By what and by whom? Learn more about the implications of microplastics on our climate and human health.

Animal (mal)adaptation – National Geographic

We’re all familiar with the idea of “survival of the fittest,” but the big question is — are any of our wild friends fit enough to survive? European songbird chick populations are suffering from heat waves; in the Arctic, black guillemots are breeding earlier, but the shift might not be enough to preserve the species; and deer populations refuse to shift breeding times to accommodate earlier springs, which may reduce the number of offspring raised. As temperatures rise and extreme weather events increase, which species will survive, which will evolve, and which will disappear?

Carbon-neutral Copenhagen – Fast Company

Will Copenhagen reach its goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral capital in the world? Improved free public transportation access and switching to electric; encouraging the use of bicycles and making cycling safer; and shifting, as a city, to renewable energy are just 3 things Copenhagen is doing to go green. Learn what this “5 minute city” is all about and how other cities can follow suit to increase foot traffic while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Americans Say ‘Enough’ to Plastic

American consumers care about the problem of plastic waste more than ever – even more than climate change, in fact, our research reveals. We polled 1,000 Americans on environmental issues, and “plastics in the ocean” ranked as their top concern. Now is the time for brands to create solutions and tell their stories. Find out more in our free report.

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