Market Disruption in Feminine Hygiene

by May 23, 2019

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News of the Week

Is this the generation that will trash tampons and pads for good? – Fast Company

A couple weeks ago we released our Period of Change special-topic Pulse report on how reusable feminine hygiene products are shaking up the consumer packaged goods industry – and it got picked up by Fast Company! Reusable period products (and reusable goods in general) are on the rise. See what that means for business.

Plastic straws are on the path to extinction; you’ll never guess what’s next – Sustainable Brands

The global feminine hygiene industry accounted for a whopping $31.23 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $62.84 billion by 2026. A significant chunk of that, we expect, will come from the rise in reusable feminine hygiene products. This is another of our articles we’re particularly proud of.

What’s in your pad or tampon? – CNN

One of the prime drivers of the shift to reusable period products: health. It’s not just about the environment – many women, our research reveals, are concerned about chemicals in period products and lack of transparency from manufacturers. This piece from CNN covers the health implications of traditional (i.e., disposable) period products.

A Period of Change

Once upon a time, feminine hygiene was a topic simply not mentioned in polite society – and options were limited to an aisle of single-use products. Now, times are changing, and the options have grown. What once seemed like a segment of the consumer packaged goods industry impervious to change is now undergoing profound transformation. New, reusable choices are flooding the market – choices that are better for the environment and, in most cases, work better too. Fifty-nine percent of women have used or considered using them – what will that do to your business?

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