Energy PulseTM 2016

Your guide to overcoming barriers and increasing engagement in home energy consumption

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Energy Pulse™ from Shelton Group is an annual study of consumers tracking all things related to energy efficiency – so you can engage them where they are and move them to act.

It details self-reported activities and propensities for a wide variety of energy-efficient home improvements, exposes information gaps and barriers to adoption of conservation practices and energy-efficient purchases, and provides a clear picture of American households segmented by energy conservation perceptions, motivations and behaviors.

Eleven years of tracking home improvement behaviors shows that tired “save money” messaging just isn’t moving the needle on energy-efficient purchasing. Energy Pulse™ identifies new messaging directions to tap into deeper, more emotional drivers that are more likely to spur action.

The report also delves into American and Canadian awareness and attitudes about key energy- and climate-related issues and exposes surprisingly consistent support for renewable energy and pro-environmental policies.

In This Report:


  • How to utilize comfort triggers to shake up complacency and spark action.
  • How you can better connect the dots between increasing concerns about climate change and energy-efficient home improvements.
  • How to create environmental messaging that doesn’t alienate conservatives.



The Energy Pulse online survey was fielded in September 2016, surveying a total of 2,281 respondents (2,025 U.S. respondents and 256 Canadian respondents). Stratified sampling mirrors the U.S. and Canadian populations, using quotas for geography, age, gender, education and race; data were weighted slightly to match U.S. and Canadian population distributions. Margin of error is +/- 2.2%.