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The value structure in America has more common roots than the headlines would have you believe.

Americans believe…

...that we all deserve a clean planet.

  • 76% of respondents agree, "People have a right to clean air and water."
  • 70% agree, "We have a moral duty to leave the earth in as good or better shape than we found it."
  • 65% agree, "Working to try to prevent environmental damage for the future is really part of being a good parent."
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Americans believe…

…there’s a big problem happening with our environment.

  • 65% said they agree that global warming, or climate change, is occurring and it is primarily caused by human activity.
Spinning Earth

Americans believe…

…everyone bears responsibility for fixing environmental problems.

  • 88% agree the average person should be taking concrete steps to reduce his or her environmental impact.
  • 78% said they feel at least moderately responsible to change daily purchase habits and practices to positively impact the environment.

Words that unite:

The words “Science,” “Conservation” and “Sustainability” all receive not only a high number of positive scores, but a negligible number of negative scores.

Words that divide:

In comparison, the terms “Environmental Stewardship,” “Regulation” and “Carbon Footprint” are clearly more divisive than unifying.

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